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Consultation on Draft Hackney Carriage


Consultation on Draft Hackney Carriage & Private Hire Policy and Conditions

North Northamptonshire Council is consulting on a new draft Hackney Carriage & Private Hire Licensing Policy and Conditions. This draft policy is intended to replace the four legacy sovereign policies and conditions that are currently in place, with the intention of having one new policy and conditions to cover the whole of North Northamptonshire. The new draft policy and conditions have built on the baseline set out in the previous arrangements, and incorporated updated requirements and best practice. Due to the extremely complex nature of combining four separate policies and conditions into one draft document, and updating with best practice requirements, a mapping document has not been compiled to highlight the changes.

NNC welcome comments from all interested parties and encourage as diverse a range of respondents as possible. The new draft policy and conditions, and a consultation response questionnaire can be downloaded at:

Consultation responses will only be accepted in writing, preferably on the Consultation Response Form (downloadable from the link above), and we ask that all responses are mapped against the particular numbered section of the Policy or Conditions to ensure we can properly consider matters being raised.

Exceptions to the above will be considered where there is a requirement for equalities purposes, and if assistance is required with this, please contact [email protected]

Consultation responses should be returned to: [email protected]