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Pocket Park Regeneration Project

By Clerk to Broughton Parish Council Broughton Parish Council

Thursday, 16 September 2021


Broughton Parish Council Contributor


Earlier this year phase 1 of the ‘Pocket Park’ pond regeneration was undertaken. This involved the thinning out of self-set trees which had seriously congested the area and the pond itself

This work was part of a long term project by Broughton Parish Council to rejuvenate the pond to create a more attractive area for residents and wildlife alike. The entire project is being carried with guidance from experts from the Wildlife trust and Froglife who specialise in ponds and aquatic life. This project runs alongside ongoing maintenance organised by BPC keep the Pocket Park accessible to residents who are enjoying the area in increasing numbers.

In the next few weeks, once the experts are satisfied that conditions are right to do so, phase 2 will start. This phase will involve dredging the pond to remove the substantial amount of silt and detritus accumulated since this work was last undertaken, and some reshaping and relocation of removed silt in order to create the best habitat for wildlife.

Access to the park for this work will be gained by removing part of the fence between the Pocket Park and the adjoining field, and will involve the use of mechanical diggers. Whilst this work is being carried out some areas will be closed to the public for safety reasons.

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